Monday, February 28, 2005

Lesson 2: The Poser

John Eldredge writes, "The Poser is created out of fear...". Fear to protect our hearts, our character, and our ego. We all do it at some point in our lives - we pretend to live as someone else outside the person we were meant to be in Christ.

John's question gets right to our hearts: Do we have what it takes to come through? Can we tackle the tough physical, emotional, and spiritual battles? As men we answer, "Yes" to the physical one, but waiver with the emotional and spiritual. I don't believe Adam had a physical problem with Eve and Satan; he had an emotional one. Look closely at these words: shock, jealousy, anger, intrigue, joy, saddness, powerless, etc. What effect do these emotions have on men?

Let's get back to who we are supposed to be in Christ. The following message from Rodney uses material from the Lead Like Jesus seminar to help us rid of the 'Poser'.

Below is the "Ego's Anonymous 12 Step Process." I thought this might come in handy in trying to dissolve your "Poser."
1. I admit I have allowed my pride and my fears (EGO) to negatively impact my
role as a Jesus-like leader.
2. I believe that God can transform my leadership motives, thoughts, and
actions to be like those modeled by Jesus.
3. I have decided to surrender my leadership efforts to God, and to
follow the leadership model of Jesus.
4. I have made an inventory of my leadership motives, thoughts, and
actions that are inconsistant with Servant Leadership.
5. I've admitted to God, to myself, and to at least one other person the
nature of my leadership gaps.
6. I am ready to have God remove all character defects that have created
gaps in my leadership.
7. I have asked God to remove my shortcomings and to strengthen me
against the pride and fear temptations of my EGO.
8. I have listed individuals whom I may have harmed by my EGO-driven
9. I've made direct amends to people I may have harmed by my EGO-driven
leadership, unless doing so would injure them or others.
10. I will continue to take personal inventory regarding my leadership
role, and when I am wrong, I will promptly admit it and apologize.
11. By practicing the disciplines of solitude, prayer, and study of the
Scriptures, I will seek to practice Servant Leadership as modeled by Jesus.
12. Having had a "heart attack" regarding the principles of Servant
Leadership, I will carry this message to other leaders and practice them in all my affairs.

Above is exact text of their 12 step process. Just replace the Leadership idea with your daily interactions with others and the ideas translate well. Hope this helps in getting rid of the "Poser". - Rodney

1 Corinthians 16:13-14
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.

For the next lesson, please read chapter 4 in the WAH book and Field Manual. We will be talking about, "The Wound". Take good care and remain faithful in Christ.


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