Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Chapter 1: Stages

Thoughts and observations on Chapter 1:

Through examining Scripture [and the examples of role models], Eldredge arrives at the stages, or roles, of a man's life. He makes it clear that any one of these stages can overlap and process at different times. The stages are:

Cowboy - In this stage, a young man [usually around 13] begins his adventure. He learns skills necessary for a trade or sport. He wants to explore the open frontier.
Warrior - In this stage, a man [now in his twenties] learns to fight the good fight. He takes a stand.
Lover - In this stage, a man [usually in his late thirties to forties] learns to really love not only a woman (preferably his wife), but God. He is more apt to read poetry and enjoy the beauty that God has created.
King - In this stage, a man is the King of his family, work, and friends. He may be a CEO or senior Pastor. He is a leader and protector.
Sage - In this stage, a man is the wisdom provider. Family, friends, and former colleagues come to him for advice.

Eldredge makes clear that these roles can be blended, i.e. the Warrior and King. A man can also be thrust into a role, i.e. divorce of a parent, leaving him prematurely to be King.

A couple of biblical examples:
King David - cowboy (shepherd), warrior, lover, king, and sage. The Psalms testify to David's roles.
Jesus - learning to be a carpenter, God's Beloved Son, Warrior, He loved [and loves] us so much that he took our punishment for our sins, Almighty King and Sage.

In conclusion, these roles occur in different ways and at different times. No one can predict what happens in our lives. Eldredge wants men to be surrounded with a "band of brothers" whom trust each other and help one another grow in their roles. He does a great job illustrating each role and why they are so important to men.

Lastly, I leave you with this:
I once heard John Croyle speaking on manhood. To paraphrase, he told his wife [in regards to his son, Brodie] that once Brodie turned 13, he would begin to leave the warm confines of his mother's arms and learn to become a man. As many of us know, Brodie became the starting quarterback for the University of Alabama and his character speaks louder than words.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A New Beginning

I originally began this blog as a study tool for John Eldredge's, "Wild At Heart", book. I will now continue this format with John's new book, "The Way of the Wild Heart". I will examine this book chapter by chapter and write my thoughts.

Also, if you haven't picked up either "Epic" or "The Way of the Wild Heart", I suggest you do so. Epic is an easy read, but rich in meaning. Enjoy!